A Virtual Customer’s Card.


  • Company – “Euroskor Latvijā” LTD
  • Store – All “Euroskor Latvijā” LTD Lloyd, www.lloyd.ee.
  • An application questionnaire – an application questionnaire of a Customer’s Card
  • A customer – a customer of Lloyd store who has obtained a Customer’s Card

A customer may register by filling out an application questionnaire – by purchasing or participating in the marketing activities.

The Customer’s Card provides for 10% discount from the full price of goods. The discounts are not summed up.
During the marketing activities organized by company the discount percentage may be higher or the discounts may be summed up; the customer is informed thereof at www.lloyd.ee, as well as at a store.
The company preserves the right to amend the guaranteed discount of the Customer’s Card and other regulations; the information thereof shall be provided in the website, as well as at Lloyd stores not later than 10 (ten) working days in advance.

The registration becomes valid, when the customer fills out the application questionnaire. The validity period is not determined.

By filling out the application questionnaire the customer agrees that:

  • his/her personal data will be aggregated, stored and used in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law and the Law On Information Society Services of the Republic Latvia;
  • his/her data will be used for the marketing purposes, as well as agrees to receive information on the company’s topicalities. The customer has the right, at any moment, by sending an e-mail to the address epood@lloyd.com, to withdraw from receiving this information.

Lloyd guarantees non-disclosure of Customer’s personal data to the third parties who are not directly connected with Lloyd.

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Saa eripakkumisi ja uudiskirju oma e-mailile.

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